What I can offer you

Sometimes we need a skilled thinking partner who has an expertise in helping discover solutions that seem just beyond our reach. Jason is your catalyst for positive change.

He treats a wide range of mental health issues, and provides a neutral environment for adolescents, children, couples, individual adults, and families. Jason will listen intently to your story and meet you where you're at, rather than prescribing a "one size fits all" approach. Working together, we can start by identifying your goals and desires, recognizing and capitalizing on your strengths. Doing this can improve your mood, revitalize your relationships, and increase your life satisfaction.

Most importantly, Jason creates an environment where you can experience significance, empowerment, and acceptance. Jason's primary clinical focus is on issues of depression, chronic pain, grief and loss, in addition to common psychological issues related to childhood and adolescence.


Next Steps...

Let's connect and find out how I might be able to partner with you to address your specific needs.